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    spring 9 department of modern traditional chinese medicine co., ltd. is a superfine chinese medicine yinpian as a leader, preparations, herbal extracts, ultra food, refined pieces, health food, supplemented by the high-tech modern pharmaceutical enterprise. the company is located in changsha national biological industry base, covers an area of 40402 m2, has built through the national gmp certified manufacturing center and a modern research and testing center.

    company technical force is abundant, relying on hunan provincial institute of traditional chinese medicine, hunan university of traditional chinese medicine, is committed to promote the modernization and internationalization of traditional chinese medicine, undertaker of the national development and reform commission "traditional chinese medicine ultramicro high technology industry demonstration projects" and "standard of traditional chinese medicine extract high technology industry demonstration projects", is formulated by the national ministry of science and technology "superfine chinese medicine yinpian industry standard", "the traditional chinese medicine extract industry standard" the main unit commitment.

        the company has a "single taste traditional chinese medicine ultrafine particle processing technology", "ginkgo tea preparation and its production process, and so on a number of patents, company's core technology; traditional chinese medicine; ultramicro project broke the chinese follow the five thousand years of" medicine jar ", ushered in a new era in chinese medicine industry.

    in 2003, the ultramicro project won first prize for scientific and technological progress in hunan province, in 2009, won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress, 2011, company of "traditional chinese medicine ultrafine particle processing technology patents won the china patent award of excellence.

    in 2008, the company was identified as high-tech enterprises in hunan province science and technology department, 2010, was included in the key projects in hunan province, hunan province, as well as strategic emerging industries hundred enterprises list.

    in 2009, the vassal state of hunan province have large enterprises hunan xingxiang investment holding group co., ltd. successfully entered and holding, the powerful combination of state-owned capital institutions of higher learning and scientific research strength, in july 2013, the company investment holdings hunan pharmaceutical co., ltd., the successful implementation of the extension of the industry chain, and further consolidate the foundation for development of the company.

    companies will give full play to talent, technology, capital, resources and management advantages, adhere to the market oriented, in order to meet customer needs, exceed customer expectations as the goal, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. the company will continue to hold high the banner of modern chinese medicine, to further expand the industry brand and influence, through the upstream and downstream industry chain, to build the pharmaceutical industry's goal to strive.